Rotation Reviews: Pediatrics

Good evening everyone! I know, it's been a minute. So much was going on in my life that I had to put this on hold such as trying to finish off this rotation and passing it, Ramadan, starting bootcamp, etc. Yea, it was rough but so far everything seems to be on the mend. Anyways,... Continue Reading →

Rotation Reviews: Surgery

So....if you had read my previous blogs, particularly my ob/gyn one, you would know that I still have some lingering fears of being in the OR (operating room). Even before I started my third year out of all of the rotations I had to complete, surgery was the one I least looked forward to. I... Continue Reading →

Rotation Reviews: Neurology

Before I started this rotation, I was kinda nervous. Why? Well, because, I suck at neurology. Localizing lesions during our foundations' course was the bane of my existence. The brain is too complex and I just did not want to deal with learning about it even more. The neuro exam on a patient is also... Continue Reading →

Rotation Reviews: Psychiatry

So...this rotation was unlike anything I expected. Whenever people talk about their psychiatry rotation, whether it was my classmates or Youtubers, they always talked about how chill and enjoyable it was. Bet, I thought, I am going to like this. Turns out, this rotation was anything but chill. In fact, I struggled until the very... Continue Reading →

Post-Step Anxiety and Results

Hello everyone! So...the last couple of blogs have been pretty difficult to write and share. Thank you all so much for reading it and sending me messages, I appreciate it! I just wanted to follow up on what waiting for scores has been like. I will try to make this one really short so that... Continue Reading →

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