YouTubers You Should Follow If You Are On The Pre-Medicine Track!

Hello everyone! I wanted to compile a list of amazing and cool Youtubers I follow who inspired me on my journey. They are transparent and honest about their journey while also motivational. I can also relate to this as all of them are Women of Color. Here’s 10 of them. Please be sure to add other Youtubers you follow in the comments below!

1. Seun Speaks

Stop everything you are doing and follow Seun’s website,, and her Instagram page before reading more. This girl gives so much advice about the premed journey and provides many resources to those who are premed. She’s apart of the 2024 cohort like myself and I know she’s going to bring great changes to medicine. I would not miss out and subscribe to her as she uploads great content like Zoom Parties with medical students and Get Ready With Me(s) about the med school process.

2. MahaDotCom

We love to see a medical student who is also a hijabi! I have been following Maha ever since she started medical school and I feel like we are BFFs. She is so relatable and takes you inside a day of her life as a medical student. It’s definitely inspiring to a fellow hijabi pursuing a dream that I have always had. The video I continuously go back to is when she takes you on her journey for her STEP 1 study vlog and in my opinion,  it was the most realistic STEP video ever. Med school is difficult, and it can also be fun but too many times you see one or the other on some channels but not both. Maha did a great job showing in her videos that yes while it can be fun being a medical student, there are numerous challenges they go through as well. I truly love this girl, InshAllah (Godwilling), I can meet her in person.

3. JustFatou

I have been following this Youtube channel for almost a year and it’s so resourceful. Fatou is a Guinean-American Muslim like myself and she takes you on her premed journey and give tips on how to do well in school as well as gives a look into her day-to-day life. I really like her video with her friend as they talk about being future black doctors. She’s planning on attending graduate school to get her masters before applying to medical school, so if you are interested in doing something like that, subscribe to this girl (and even if you are not you should still subscribe!)

Fun Fact: Fatou and I and somehow related! Our dads are (second?) cousins and our moms used to be close back when my family lived in New York. What a small world!

4. Student Dr. Waiga

Another hijabi med student! As I’m writing this Student Dr. Waiga just responded to my comment on her YouTube video (lol) but this Youtuber is truly an inspiration. She takes you on her pre-med and medical school journey, from studying to the MCAT, to applying, to starting school. It’s pretty incredible to see how much she has grown. For those of you who are interested in pursuing a DO instead of an MD and wondering what the key differences are, then you should definitely check her out. Also, I like her videos on cheap hijabs and her trip to home country, Mauritania.

5. Danielle Wishart

If you are looking for a med school Youtuber with a chill and relaxing vibe then please follow Danielle. She has videos about studying for the MCAT, how to fill out the AMCAS applications, preparing for medical school interviews, finding research etc. I just love the cool tones that she uses in her videos and she’s always willing to help people out. She’s an incoming M1 like myself so I’m excited to see med school videos from her!

6. White Coat Chronicles

I discovered Precious by watching her “What you should know before you go to Medical School” video. She’s very transparent and it’s so nice to see her go from a first-year medical student to matching into her Emergency Medicine residency. She’s also getting married (congrats to her)! If you would like to see to more days in a life of a black medical student (well resident), please follow her!

7. Paulina Villanueva

I watched Paulina when I was trying to draft my personal statement (one of the hardest parts of the AMCAS application in my opinion) and it was really nice to hear hers and how she overcame so many barriers to get to her dream medical school! She has vlogs, tips on studying for medical school, and talks about ways to pay for medical school debt. Definitely subscribe to her!

8. The Daily Mundane

When I was studying for the MCAT and struggling, I remember watching Hannah’s video to find motivation. She scored in the 99th percentile and shares how she studied for it and what she did. Even though I didn’t get that type of score (RIP), it’s nice to see what top-scorers did for the exam. She’s also an incoming M1 like myself! Be on the lookout for med school vlogs and advice videos from her!

9. White Coat and Curls

For those of you who are non-science majors and wondering if there is still a way to get into medical school, then Mona is the girl for you to watch. She majored in something business-related and did research with the NIH which is awesome! She also vlogs her experience as a med student and has an MCAT study video as well. In fact, she even emailed me her MCAT schedule which was really nice of her. I think she’s Ethiopian (Eritrean?) and it’s nice seeing a fellow East African girl succeed!

10. The Chocolate Docs

I definitely used Jessica and Nneka’s video when I was preparing for my first interviews but these girls are so cute and inspirational. They give so much advice about the MCAT, personal statements, interviews etc. They also do medical school vlogs which are fun to follow. They are truly the older sisters I wish I had. Go watch their videos and give them another subscriber!

That’s it! Like I said earlier if you know of any other amazing Youtubers to follow, comment below!

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