Hard Truths #1: People Do Not Care About You As Much As You Think They Do

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break. It was definitely needed, and I have spent the past few days sleeping for more than ten hours, lol. Anyways, I wanted to start something called Hard Truths in which I write about things I had to learn throughout my life that were not apparent to me initially. There is going to more of these types of posts in the future, so I hope you all enjoy it. 

This topic is going to be about people not really caring for you or your accomplishments like you thought they would. The inspiration for this came from a video I saw from one of my fave YouTubers, America Revere. I definitely recommend you check it out:

In this video, she talks about how she was so excited to share with her family members about her medical school acceptance and…disclaimer alert…they were not as happy as she expected. In fact, her mother did not want her to go to that medical school and they got into an argument because of it. Overall, the moral of that story was that people are not always going to be happy for you or care for you and want something for yourself as you do. 

People are not always going to be happy for you or care for you and want something for yourself as you do. 

I related to her story so much, not just with telling people about my medical school acceptance but other things that have happened in my life. I always thought when I reached a certain point in life, whether it be school-wise, career-wise, etc., people would be cheering me on, and I would have some sort of importance in their lives. And that is always not the case. In fact, I had a best friend who had helped me so much with getting interested in medicine and navigating me throughout the whole process. When I told her that I had gotten into medical school, her response was somewhere along the lines of “Oh really….you did not get accepted into that other school? But congrats.” I was so hurt by her reaction because I have accomplished something that a few people can say that they have done in their lifetime, especially those coming from my background, and that was all I got. 

Then there are others, who were happy for me but never reached out to me after everything was all said and done. I always think about them and try to talk to them here and there, but there is radio silence on their part. It breaks my heart to think that I thought once I reached this point in my life, people would check in on me and ask about me. And I am not saying that has not been the case all the time. But for the most part, I realized that those types of people who I had so much regard for, did not necessarily have that same regard for me. 

Those types of people who I had so much regard for, did not necessarily have that same regard for me.

I did not mean for this post to be sad or to garner pity for me. I just wanted to bring light to a reality that a lot of us are currently facing and will experience in the future. And that is, people are not always thinking about you. They have their own lives, and you have your own. One day, you will meet, and your lives will merge but then the next day, they can completely separate. And that is ok. Keep the people in your life who generally care for you and your well-being and do not pay too much mind to those who do not.  

Through this, I have also learned to always do the best thing for myself and to have a strong relationship with God. Because those said people are not going to do the 6-8 hours of studying before exams like I do. Those people are not going to sit and take those exams like I do. And most importantly, those people are not going to pick themselves up after a strenuous day, as I must do. They are just in my life during one occasion and out the next. Only God is a permanent fixture who can help me out through all this. 

If you skimmed through this post and just wanted a final lesson, it is this: Do not do things just to satisfy people because you ultimately do not know if they have your best interests in mind or if they will even stay in your lives. Do what’s best for you. And when you accomplish something, you should not wait for people’s approval to feel that accomplishment, you should be the happiest for yourself. And you should also keep God in your life because He is a source of strength and security as you embark on your life journey. 

Thank you all for reading this! If you have any hard truths that you had to learn throughout your life, please comment below or message me. Thanks again, and I hope you all have a blessed rest of the week! 

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